9.00 - 10.00H
Mobile Apps and new technologies can help patients and clinicians (advantages vs ethical issues)
Moderators: Arnaldo Valedon; Manuel Seca; Corinne Vons

• Nightmare to dreams: The timeline of technology - Ian Jackson
• The power of a digital community of medical doctors - Daniela Seixas
• Follow-up of Ambulatory Surgery patients using WhatsApp - Naresh Row
10.00 - 11.00H
Ambulatory Surgery in the world
Moderadors: Vicente Vieira; Douglas McWhinnie; Eurico Castro Alves

• Ambulatory Surgery in China before and after 2017 - Zhenzhong Zhang
• Africa and Latin America Vs USA and Northern Europe (two sides of the same coin) - Beverly Philip
• Portugal – 10 years after the CNADCA Report (The impact of Major National policies in the development of Ambulatory Surgery) - Carlos Magalhães
12.30 - 13.00H
  • Mayor of Porto – Rui Moreira
    President of APCA – Carlos Magalhães
    President of ASECMA – Luis Hidalgo
    President of IAAS – Beverly Phillip
    Elected President of IAAS – Douglas McWhinnie
    Portuguese Nurse Assotiation Representative – Jorge Sousa
    President of Portuguese Medical Assotiation – Miguel Guimarães
    State Secretary for Health – Raquel Duarte
14.30 - 15.30H
New insights on head and neck procedures
Moderators: Gamal Mohammed; Emanuel Guerreiro; Norihito Wada

• Video-assisted thyroidectomy in Ambulatory Surgery - Jaime Vilaça
• ENT procedures in Ambulatory Surgery – are we pushing too far or can we go further ahead? - Karianne Hostmark
• Dealing with the predictable Difficult Airway in Ambulatory Surgery - Jorge Órfão
16.00 - 17.00H
Recent advances in endo\laparoscopic surgery
Moderators: Carlo Castoro; Ian Jackson; Josip Baković

• Laparoscopic hemicolectomy – is it feasible in the Ambulatory Surgery setting? - Ana Povo
• Thoracoscopic procedures in Ambulatory Surgery - is one lung ventilation a major problem? - Xavier Falières
• Paediatric laparoscopic surgery in Ambulatory Surgery – the experienced scrub nurse is vital! - Anabela Garcia
17.30 - 18.30H
The obese patient in Ambulatory Surgery
Moderators: Mark Skues; Filipe Guerra; Claire McNally

• No patient too large? - Silva Pinto
• Surgical strategies feasible in Ambulatory Surgery - Sebastiaan Van Cauwenberge
• Patient education for obesity procedures: Role of nurses - Mariann Aaland
14.30 - 15.45H
Hernia Session - State of the art
Moderators: Naresh Row; Paula Tavares; Fátima Carvalho

• Recent advances in Inguinal hernia repair - Artur Flores
• Ventral and incisional Hernias – what’s the best strategy for the management of postoperative pain? - Matilde Zaballos
• Hiatus hernia repair – strategies for Ambulatory Surgery - Carlo Castoro
• Paediatric inguinal hernia repair - Ana Bosak Versic
15.45 - 17.00H
Innovation in the surgical treatment of Pelvic Floor disorders
Moderators: Luis Hidalgo; Bercina Candoso; Ana Povo

• Minimally invasive surgery of rectal prolapse - Klaus Matzel
• Minimally invasive surgery for anterior compartment prolapses - Hélder Ferreira
• Recent advances in Robotic prostatic surgery - Kris Maes
• When postoperative pelvic pain becomes a problem - Rita Moutinho
17.30 - 18.30H
Locorregional Anesthesia in Ambulatory Surgery
Moderators: Clara Lobo; Arnaldo Valedon; Erik Litonius

• Thoracic Wall: Peripheral Nerve Blocks are safe and easy! - Maria Isabel Garcia Vega
• PNB for children? Of course! - Hugo Trindade
• Block Rooms and Nurses are crutial to a successful peripheral nerve block - Kirsti Lehtonen
15.15 - 17.00H
WORKSHOP “Advanced use of the LMA”

Marc Coppens; José Manel Cordero; Petra Tietze-Schnur; Vicente Vieira

• LMA for ENT and stomatology
• LMA in prone position
• LMA for laparoscopic surgery
• LMA for very small infants
• LMA for difficult intubation
14.30 - 15.30H
Invited Country (India) guest lectures
Moderators: Manmal M. Begani; Rui Rangel

• Minimally invasive lumbar intervertebral discectomy performed as a day care procedure under spinal anaesthesia - Roshan Kumar
• Newer advances – drugs and techniques for regional anaesthesia in Ambulatory Surgery - Rangalakshmi Bharat
• Combining day surgery with Home care for improving patient care and to reduce re-admission rate - Ramesh Koorapati
• Surgical treatment of diabetic foot in Ambulatory Surgery  – Bhavinder Arora

09.00 - 10.00H
Organizational aspects important to local Ambulatory Surgery policies
Moderators: Beverly Philip; Cláudia Borges; Scott Bell

• Beds, Trolleys or Chairs - Mark Skues
• Going green in Ambulatory Surgery - Douglas McWhinnie
• Financing strategies that promote Ambulatory Surgery - Ricardo Mestre
10.00 - 11.00H
Ambulatory Surgery for the diabetic patient
Moderators: Luis Hidalgo; Jan Eshuis; Frederico Branco

• Is diabetes directly related to poor surgical outcomes? - Nanda Kishore
• Monitoring blood glucose throughout the AS circuit: the virtues of a good protocol - Nicole van der Lans-Jansen
• Management of diabetic patients in Ambulatory Surgery (BADS Guidelines) - Madhu Ahuja
11.30 - 12.30H
Old ideas vs new concepts
Moderators: Rosa Amaral; Fernando Docobo; Ian Smith

• Emergency Ambulatory Surgery - Douglas McWhinnie
• So much promised, so little delivered - Jim Philip
• Does every patient need a carer for 24 hours post discharge? - Madhu Ahuja
14.30 - 15.30H
The elderly patient
Moderators: Jan Eshuis; Paula Tavares

• Surgical outcomes are (not?) affected by age - Sílvia Neves
• Is elderly patient no longer a challenge? - Mary Stocker
• Post Operative Cognitive Disfunction and delirium: risk factors, anesthetic strategies and diagnosis. How big is the problem? - Joana Alves
15.30 - 16.30H
Threats to Ambulatory Surgery or “a sign of the times” – safety comes first!
Moderators: Rosário Órfão; Menezes da Silva
• Sedation by non-anesthesiologists - Beverly Philip
• Endoscopic surgical procedures by non-surgeons - Luc van Outryve
• Office-based surgery and reduced staffing ratios - Petra Tietze-Schnur
17.30 - 18.30H
My worst nightmares in Ambulatory Surgery
Moderators: Emanuel Guerreiro; Hanne Foens

• Hemorrhage during laparoscopy – lesson from the UK - Ian Jackson
• Neck heamatoma after thyroidectomy - Dieter Morales Garcia
• Hypertensive crisis - Arnaldo Valedon
• Acute anaphylaxis - Marie Sheehan
09.00 - 10.00H
Teamwork and Leadership in ASU
Moderators: Marie-Louise Ulsøe; Alberto Roxo; Célia Castanheira

• Strategies to the creation of a multidisciplinary Team in the ASU - Jorge Sousa
• The young and the experienced Surgeon - Carlo Castoro
• The role of non-clinical staff in the management of ASUs - Carla Rocha
10.00 - 11.00H
Recent advances in Breast Surgery
Moderators: Lúcia Marinho; Kirsti Lehtonen; José Luís Fougo

• Radical mastectomy in Ambulatory Surgery - Sven Felsby
• Options for breast reconstruction after mastectomy in Ambulatory Surgery - Luís Azevedo
• Nursing the mastectomized patient - Joana Oliveira
11.30 - 12.45H
Prophylaxis is the key to the best outcome
Moderators: Cristina Carmona; Jelena Neves
• Prophylaxis of Thromboembolic events: when and how? - Paula Sá Couto
• Hypothermia: are Ambulatory Surgery patients at risk - Diana Silva; Helena Monteiro
• New developments in PONV prophylaxis - Marc Coppens
• Surgical site infection – no improvement in 50 years? - Cecília Pinto
14.30 - 15.45H
Patient Care After Discharge
Moderators: Mark Skues; Maria do Sameiro Pereira

• Is the 24h Phone Call absolutely necessary? – Are there alternatives? - Hanne Foens
• New Strategies for severe pain control after Hip and Knee arthroplasty - Arnaldo Valedon
• Strategies for patient follow-up in private practice – is there a difference? - Gerd Dieter von-Koschitzky
• Unexpected admissions after Ambulatory Surgery – are they preventable? - Mária Janecskó
15.45 - 17.00H
Perineal and anal procedures in Ambulatory Surgery
Moderators: Dieter Morales Garcia; Marc Coppens

• Innovation in the treatment of anal fistulas - Gamal Mohammed
• Colo-rectal surgeries under local anesthesia are feasible and have good results - Naresh Row
• Ultrasound-guided Peripheral nerve Blocks for perineal surgical procedures - Clara Lobo
• Importance of diet and clean dressings - Marisol Francisco 
17.30 - 18.30H
Planning Strategies for Ambulatory Surgery Units (ASUs)
Moderators: Magdalena Arance Garcia; Alberto Magalhães

• How to organize a big ASU - Jan Eshuis
• Analysis of failed discharge after ambulatory surgery - Els Van Caelenberg
• What should be taken into account when moving several ASUs together at a New hospital? - Marie-Louise Ulsøe
09.30 - 13.00H
Course: “Ultrasound guided Peripheral Nerve Blocks – the big 5(+) in Ambulatory Surgery”
Paulo Fragoso; Diamantino Pereira; Lara Ribeiro; Sérgio Duarte; Juliana Louro
15.00 - 18.30H
WORKSHOP: Bedside Ultrasound evaluation of AS patients
Elena Segura; Catarina Costa; Liliana Costa; Margarida Ferreira
09.00 - 10.00H
Education and training in Ambulatory Surgery
Moderators: Beverly Philip; Paulo Lemos

• Pregraduate curriculum in Medicine - Fernando Docobo
• Recent developments in Paediatric Ambulatory Surgery in Mozambique - the impact of IAAS, Teach the Teachers program - Dalva Kosha
• High Fidelity Simulation as a tool in AS team training - Francisco Matos
10.00 - 11.00H
Ambulatory Surgery in the future
Moderators: Pedro Sá Couto; Douglas McWhinnie

• Can we have better drugs and monitors? - Jan Eshuis
• Teleconsultation – Do we  Skype or something else? - Ian Jackson 
• At home Hospitalization - will this strategy work for Ambulatory Surgery complex patients? - Ramesh Koorapati
11.30 - 12.30H
Guest Lectures: Tears and Laughs in ASUs
• The operating theatre - stage for retraumatisation of terror victims - Ana Schippert
• It’s Kids day in the Ambulatory Surgery Unit - Vicente Vieira
09.00 - 10.00H
Estratégias pouco comuns em Cirurgia Ambulatória
Moderadores: Mayté Valle; Paula Sá Couto

• Tiroidectomia total em Cirurgia Ambulatória – como prevenir as principais complicações - Emanuel Guerreiro
• Indicações para bloqueios do neuroeixo em Cirurgia Ambulatória - Ana Rodriguez Archilla
• O doente que vive só também pode ser intervencionado em Cirurgia Ambulatória – Como e quando? - Maria Virtudes Navarro
10.00 - 11.00H
Colecistectomia Laparoscópica em Cirurgia Ambulatória
Moderadores: Francisco Barreiro; Paula Botelho

• Exploração da Via Biliar em Cirurgia Ambulatória – como, quando, porquê? - José Mª Capitán
• O doente com Apneia do sono proposto para cirurgia laparoscópica - Paula Sarmento
• Pernoita em Cirurgia Ambulatória (em que condições?) - Maria José Crista
09:00 - 12.30H
BD Hernia Workshop: How to simplify the hernia repair in Ambulatory Surgery
Onstep vs RR - José Pereira Pinto
Onstep vs RR - Xavier de Sousa Isabel Martins
Onstep Technique and Results on CH Setúbal - Ramón Gutierrez 

Umbilical Hernia: Make it Simpler - Sónia Ribas 

Choose the right fixation in ambulatory surgery - António Ferreira 

Ambulatory Hernia Patient: A Nurse Perspective - Filipa Escaleira